By bus from Haymarket (Green or Orange T lines)
Bus 111 (Woodlawn via Tobin): after crossing the Tobin bridge, the bus takes the first exit and winds through mixed residential / retail areas. There is a major, marked stop at Bellingham Square on Broadway. Right after that stop, the bus passes the City Hall (on the left) and makes a left hand turn. There is a stop immediately after that turn. The bus then passes the fire station (on the right), turns right onto Washington Ave, and climbs a short rise to cross the commuter-rail train tracks. At the top of this little hill is the stop where you should exit. Continue walking in the same direction the bus is travelling on Washington for one more block to Addison St. (110 Washington is marked as the rectory). Turn left on Addison, and the church is the first building on the left. If you overshoot, simply walk back along Washington to Addison. The commuter rail stop in Chelsea is an alternative public transportation route, running out of North Station. The stop is almost underneath Washington Ave.

By car from Boston and points south and west
Take Rt 1 across the Tobin Bridge, approachable from the Central Artery northbound, 93 southbound, or by following Memorial Dr past the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall, across the Gilmore Bridge to Charlestown, turning right at the first light, and right again at the first light after that. Take the second exit from the bridge, not well marked ("Chelsea only"), onto 4th St. Follow 4th St to its end (3rd stop sign) and turn left onto Broadway (which is one way). [NOTE: at this point, you are following the bus route.] In a block you will pass through Bellingham Square. Turn left at the yellow blinking light where Broadway becomes two way. Follow this street to its end at the second stop sign, then turn right onto Washington Ave. Take the 2nd left, one block before Addison, and look for parking there, or on the first right, or Addison, which is right off that street. If nothing seems to be available, park on Washington Ave. On Sunday mornings we have permission to park on the "wrong" side of Washington if displaing a church parking sign, available at the candle desk.

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Map of 8 Addison St
Chelsea, MA 02150-2413